.....A live man/woman?.... or a person/corporation=fictional character?

 "We," who choose to call ourselves American National People of the Creator, are living men and woman.  That may sound silly to you, however on our path to self-discovery we learned there is a difference, a BIG difference. One so BIG it will change everything you THOUGHT to be real or true.     This website is intended to be simple. Why? because being a live human being was intended to be pretty simple.... Unless you were raised in a world of illusion!   Remember The Trueman Show?  Everything Jim Carry believed in reality was all illusion.  Well, most of us have been in the our own version of that movie together.  Time to see the back door at the end of that illusion open and step through to the REAL WORLD, where you can be a real boy or girl!    We intend to only reference other men/woman whom are living in the real world vs. the corporate.    So far there are very few that are helping to light the way for others that choose to have eyes to see.    We all need to help light a path for others to get their property restored by the courts.  Our children are included in that. While remaining a live  man/woman.  We also need to light a path to show others how to handle the corporate world, quickly, effectively and as a man/woman. Visit the website www.broadmind.org to learn more and also search UnKommon Law and many youtube learning video.  We have some in our video section and will be adding more. Kate is also another who is lighting a path with a Lose the NAME approach.

  I have personally LOST the name so to speak and have returned four of our children's.  You can visit kateofgaia@wordpress.com and see that there is a lot to contemplate on the "writings" page. Kate also has many videos on youtube. Search "Outside the box", "Critical Mass Radio" or just search "kateofgaia"


Don Miguel Ruiz (Author)

"The four Agreements"

"The fifth Agreement"

"The voice of knowledge"

"The Mastery of Love"


NOTE: I, Trinity, read these books continuously to help me stay grounded.