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International Car Tag


The ANPC International Car tag is made of .40 Aluminum and is full-color printed on a smooth flat surface. The tag contains the Department of State authentication number as well as the QR Code that can be scanned with any QR Code Reader App to pull up the ANPC International Notices. The white International Flag of peace is for protection and desire to communicate peacably under International Law. Read these interesting facts:

These tags are available to those who have removed their private conveyances out of the public and into a private Pure Trust (foreign).






Also available: Optional clear UV cover to

Protect your license plate from the elements! This kit includes an Ultra-Strong Polycarbonate clear Bubble Shield with a superior fitting black Powder Coated Frame.

  • Easy to install.

  • Includes anti-theft locking fasteners (metric and standard).

  • Includes 4 black fastener caps.

  • UV stabilizer to prevent discoloration.



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