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WELCOME to the Freedom & TRAVEL PAGE of  ANPC International!!

The right to travel is the root of all your other freedoms! If you take away the Creator Endowed right to travel you hinder or void EVERY OTHER FREEDOM or RIGHT directly or indirectly.

We offer many tools to help you in your quest to travel free and remain a PRIVATE traveler. REMEMBER: YOU ARE NOT A RESIDENT but rather an international or perpetual traveler known as a non-resident private american national. Getting a private mailbox or a PO box using your Private ANPC Credentials can help you as a perpetual traveler. The private conveyances you will use should ALWAYS be owned/titled into a simple foreign trust structure for your best protection. Here is a very interesting quote from a very old book. Some of you may recognize it:

"As sorrowful, yet always rejoicing: as needy, yet enriching many: as having nothing yet possessing all things."


Please read this TRAVEL SAFETY ESSENTIALS page . Peace and Best Wishes on your quest to restoring your CREATOR ENDOWED freedoms! ANPC Orders Team

Click on the appropriate tab below for the item you are interested in and you will be directed to more information.


The Silver bond is a very powerful tool to support you in your quest for freedom. It backs you up with real assets in the form of old pre-1933 United States silver dollars making you fully solvent. (search for these on ebay, either morgan or peace dollars.) If you choose the insurance part of this freeholders bond, this Bonding meets all the requirements of the states for liabilty by bonding you with your state Treasurer.

This Trust package should be the foundation for every private traveller. It protects you from foreign jurisdictions and helps protect you AND any private property you possess.

The International Driving Permit (IDP) is a booklet style permit valid for travell per the 19 September 1949 Geneva Convention on International Road Traffic. It is widely accepted by many countries including United States who adopted it in 1952. It IS NOT a stand alone document and must be used together with the ID Card (below) per the UN Rules of the Road.

The New Member ID/Foreign National Drivers License (FDL) has been authenticated by the US Department of State in Washington DC and has been sent out on notices Internationally as well as throughout the united States and Sent to be placed in the NCIC check systems. It has a laser scannable barcode and been used together with the IDP to open foreign bank account, rent cars and Uhauls, notarize documents, get jobs without a SS# and as general ID. It should be carried together with the Copies of the authentication papers for validity and is to be used in conjunction with the IDP according to the Police Officers Resource Card. It  meets the requirements per UN and Officer Resource cards in all participating states.

The private car registration is very beneficial as it gives you the registration slip required by officials yet keeps you on the private side. Your registration number will be active in the system yet private. This is best only once your Foreign Trust Registration expires and you have a private Lien on your car.

The International Private Car Tags should only be used once you have set up your foreign trust foundation and are using a private conveyance that is now owned by the trust having put the private trust lien on the car itself. (see below) These tags also have the Dept Of State Authentication on them and copies of this should be carried in the conveyance you will use. Note: You MUST have completed all the necessary pre steps to be eligible for the tags.

The special private trust lien (non-corporate, non-ucc) is vital for highly securing your conveyances in the private. To be able to have this you must hold a free and clear title that has no corporate liens on it. This Lien can also be used to secure property, and collateral you may own as well as securing children who have a state Birth certificate on them. This lien is ESSENTIAL and can be done as soon as you have a foreign trust/s set up for your car.

The Bonded Claim is a very powerful process using your Silver Bond, Foreign trust and a private non commercial claim. This can be used to claim and bond court cases, foreclosures, warrants, property of all kinds etc.

Note: Every case must have a BOND on their "charges" or "claims" against you. ANYONE making any type of claim MUST bond their claim or it is not valid. So, we, as private American nationals, must also BOND every claim we make, whether it is our claim of standing OR ownership!

The corporate STATE marriage "License" has been the cause of MANY lost freedoms, unbeknownst to most. When an unsuspecting couple gets a "license" by the State to marry, they unknowingly pledge everything that comes from that marriage to THE STATE, including homes, children and possessions. We, as American nationals must educate ourselves and return to the God given right of a true Natural marriage Covenant between the Creator and the couple alone!! At ANPC, we help couples complete a process to establish a true lawful recognized marriage free from STATE interference. 

The Real lawful deed-to-trust, where you as a trust agent Accept and Acknowledge your deed, is a VERY powerful tool in becoming a TRUE Freeholder of land. For best results, this needs to be paired with the Bonded Property Claim, especially in Foreclosure cases!!

The NEW Live Born record is a real record of your entry into this world with witnesses and notary. It is to be recorded on a county level and then can ce certified with Sec of State in the state it was notarized in and authenticated with US Dept of state. This is REAL FREEDOM. This Born Record can be backed by your Silver Freeholders bond by putting a Bonded claim on the living man as well. We are very excited to introduce this new service!

A Nation operating as a Private Member Association, ANPC International Healing Centers, a Sub-Association of ANPC International, offers a Members a Vaccine exception pkg which falls under the terms of our Original Charter and Treaty, having a Mandatory Exception given to all such church-controlled associations under public Rule 508(c)(1)(a) and is therefore, (i) not subject to administration, mandates or demands of any public entity.

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