ANPC International

Mission: Freedom


ANPC is a compilation of the work of many men and women who were dedicated to the cause of freedom and who tirelessly volunteered many many hours, days and years to this cause with a goal and VISION of Freedom for their families as well as every man, woman and child on earth.  Today, ANPC has made huge strides toward that goal of freedom by helping men and women realize HOW their freedoms were stolen from them without their INFORMED consent as well as WHAT they can do to regain those freedoms step by step. The process of STEALING our freedoms from us appears to have been a long sly planned out process and regaining those freedoms back is not done overnight either, but slowly, step-by-step we will regain that which was lost. So, with that being said, WELCOME to the JOURNEY and all those who have made this possible, sincerely wish you a safe and enlightened journey on the road to FREEDOM!!  We hope you will join us in spreading the light of truth, peace, health and prosperity to all of humanity.