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ANPC International

~Alliance of Nations helping People & Communities~


Mission: Freedom, Humanitarian Outreach, Empowering people to self-sustenance


The ANPC International nation is a private organization of members that came of the work of men and women who were dedicated to the cause of Truth and who tirelessly volunteered many many hours, days and years to this cause with a goal and VISION for their families as well as every man, woman and child on earth.  Today, ANPC has made huge strides in helping men and women realize HOW they can free themselves in a way to be able to outreach and contribute to others in all parts of the World. We work to assist remote villages as well as schools in need of materials by raising donations to Sponsor our *Vision of Faith Hope & Charity Tr Ministry Branch for such outreach projects. *See our ministry outreach projects here:




It has been very encouraging thus far to see the amount of good we can do and the difference we are making in lives!!

So, with that being said, WELCOME to the JOURNEY and a thank you to all the members who have made this possible by contributing to our Nation. 

We sincerely wish you a safe and enlightened journey on your path and hope you will join us in spreading the light of truth, peace, health and prosperity to all of humanity.

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