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A. By submitting my application and contributing to Receive the Complete Member Value Pkg, i hereby agree to the Terms & Conditions set forth by ANPC International TR and its sub departments. I agree that i will be fully accountable to myself and in no way will i ever hold ANPC International nor her sub associations liable for my actions or the outcomes of actions i attempt in anyway. I understand ANPC International Nor any of her associated depts can hold liability for me as i agree that i am of lawful age and sound mind therefore accountable to and of myself. I agree to uphold always the Golden Rule and do my best to bring peace among members at all times. I agree to CAREFULLY READ follow all guidelines and instructions provided by ANPC when services are received. I acknowledge and agree that all exchanges of services, contributions, donations etc are non-refundable PRIVATE EXCHANGES between parties and any monetary instruments exchanged are considered contributions in Lawful Money pursuant to [12 USC 411]. 

B. I Fully agree to contribute $299 yearly to ANPC International or 24.95/mo via auto renewable subscription. I understand i can cancel ANPC Membership at any time but agree that no contribution is refundable. I also agree and understand that contributions for any exchange of service is non-refundable.

C. I agree that if i violate my agreements  to any of the Terms and conditions laid out by ANPC International or any of her sub-associations here or elsewhere, it is grounds for ANPC to terminate my membership for lack of good standing.

I also agree to follow all terms & conditions within all chat rooms and do my best to be kind and courteous to all. I understand and agree that if i present myself in an inappropriate or combative manner within any groups or rooms, it is grounds for ANPC to remove me from said group or room until i show improved understanding.  

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