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Thank you for Your Inquiry! Please be patient while we review your Request.
This may take some time depending on how many applications we have in Que. Watch your email and text messages for a message to schedule a consultation, OR email
if you have not received a messaged after several days. Thank you!

All members or Potential members: Please Read the following Terms~


A. By submitting my application and contributing to Receive the ANPC Nation Membership, i hereby agree to the Terms & Conditions set forth by ANPC International Nation and its sub departments. I agree that i will be fully accountable for myself and in no way will i ever hold ANPC International nor her sub associations liable for my actions or the outcomes of actions i attempt in anyway. I understand ANPC International Nor any of her associated departments can hold liability for me as i agree that i am of lawful age and sound mind therefore accountable for myself when i request private services from ANPC. I understand ANPC does not make claims or guarantees in regards to any service or product received via private exchange between parties, and that when i receive any service, i have 72 hours under contract law to review the service for errors. I agree that after the 72 hr window, ANPC is not responsible to make changes or corrections, but that i may do so myself at anytime. I agree to always uphold the Golden Rule and do my best to bring peace among members at all times. I agree to CAREFULLY READ and follow all guidelines and instructions provided by ANPC when services are received. I acknowledge and agree that all exchanges of services, contributions, donations etc are non-refundable PRIVATE EXCHANGES between parties and any monetary instruments exchanged are considered private exchanges between parties or contributions in Lawful Money pursuant to [12 USC 411]. 

B. I Fully agree to contribute the yearly to ANPC International the amount set forth at the time i subscribe via auto renewable subscription. I understand i can cancel ANPC Membership at any time but agree that no contribution is refundable. I also agree and understand that contributions for any exchange of service are non-refundable and if i and decide to leave the nation i must login and cancel my subscription prior to the auto renewal date. I also understand that failure on my part to follow these simple guidelines and stand in honor with my communication or if i enter a dispute of my auto renewal or payment of any other services rather than working directly and honorably with ANPC support, i shall be dishonorably discharged and agree  to be blocked any further memberships or access to ANPC nation. 

C. I agree that if i violate my agreements  to any of the Terms and conditions laid out by ANPC International or any of her sub-associations here or elsewhere, it is grounds for ANPC to terminate my membership for lack of good standing.

I also agree to follow all terms & conditions within all chat rooms and do my best to be kind and courteous to all. I understand and agree that if i present myself in an inappropriate or combative manner within any groups or rooms, it is grounds for ANPC to remove me from said group or room until i show improved understanding.  

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