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 Private Insurance Bonding

The self-Insurance through private Subrogation Bonding meets all states requirements for LIABILITY. At the present it is a form of self insurance that eliminates the need for you to purchase monthly liability Insurance. This Bond is good for 2-5 Years depending on the package you choose and each state requirements. It is being accepted by DMV's and even some banks that hold a loan on your car as valid liability. Once this is completed, you will received an insurance card to carry with you containing your policy Bond number.

Since at present this is a form of "self-Insurance" you will want to review your safety

record when traveling: Are you generally a very safe and proactive traveler who is

very careful and never reckless? If you answered YES, This may be an excellent choice




Note:Currently the Bonding Team is working on the process of being able to have a coverage

insurance bond also, but it is not available at this moment yet.

We have had an attorney check out these bonds over a two week period and tell us that they WERE

valid and could be collected on, so it is promising however, the process has not been completed for

you to use

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